Liquid Waste Management

King Vac 11000 – Capacity tank size 11000 litres, Use wet and dry products, Pump size 6500cfm, Capable of sucking to a depth of 200 metres. Quiet and efficient.

B-Double – Our ‘B’ Double Vacuum Tanker has a total capacity of 45,000L

Vacuum Tankers – These units will vacuum load as well as unload using pressure to blow the load out, this is very useful when for example you would like to put liquid into a storage tank. The Semi Trailer Vacuum Tankers range from 25,000L to 30,000L

Super Suckers – These units are a much more powerful vacuum unit, they have a tank with an opening rear door to be able to tip out liquid and solid products. The smaller rigid holds 7000L and 1000L of water, the larger 8 Wheeler holds 8,500L and 4000L of water. Both units are fitted with High Pressure Water Blasting and Excavation equipment. Both the Large Super Sucker and the King Vac are very powerful units using 6” hose and have the ability to Vac up to depths of 200m (depending on the material).

King Vac B-Double Semi Vacuum
Super Sucker