Industrial Services

Specialised Equipment and tailored solutions

Talk to us about your drain cleaning, pit cleaning, water blasting or  factory shutdown requirements.  Austrans super vacs (wet and dry) stand ready to help.

Bulk Liquid waste removal, transport and disposal

Our fully equipped mini super suckers, semi vacuum tankers, medium super suckers and large super suckers have the capacity to remove large quantities of various forms of waste, from liquids to solids. We can provide the complete waste service you require… removal, transport and disposal. Click Here for More Information on Waste Transport and Removal.

High pressure water blasting

Our specially designed vehicles can provide high powered water blasting to clean tanks, boilers, vats and most surfaces to allow you to continue utilizing your important facilities. The 6000L Gully Sucker with a tipping barrel and opening rear door also holds 2000L of water to supply its own water blaster.

Cleaning and clearing drains and pipes

Dislodging blockages in pipes above and below ground is one of the things we do best, and the removed debris will be vacuumed up by the truck which are capable of cleaning and clearing drains and pipes from 50mm to 1200mm.

Water or Liquid Stock feed transport

Bulk Liquid Transport is one of our specialties, our high powered semi vacuum tankers enable us to relocate large volumes of liquid economically, quickly and efficiently. Our highly trained drivers are very experienced and are equipped with modern vehicles to load, transport and unload safely, cost effectively and professionally.

Tank unloading & cleaning

Liquid Storage and Settling Tanks – Austrans has a large range of tank sizes are available for hire today, call us to secure a tank for your site, these convenient storage facilities are specifically designed to be emptied periodically and are very economical. We have a wide range of tanks capacities and systems, ranging from eight thousand litres to one hundred thousand litres. To keep transport simple and cost effective, all our tanks can be easily moved by Tilt Tray. Hire schedules can be adjusted to suit your needs with short or long term hire available.  Please contact us to find out more.